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TC500 Commercial Connected Touchscreen Wireless Thermostat

Original price was: $10,000.00.Current price is: $9,999.00.

TC500 Commercial Connected Touchscreen Wireless Thermostat – 5H/3C Heat Pump, 3H/3C Conventional

Product Overview
TC500A-N Thermostat is an advanced, configurable, connected device for commercial buildings. It controls and monitors RTU, AHU, Heat Pump equipment, and their configurations. This device communicates over Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, BACnet IP, Sylk, easily integrates with the building automation system.

The built-in intelligent control algorithms of the device help to achieve the perfect balance between Energy Efficiency and Comfort. The device is packaged with numerous presets suitable for most commercial building requirements that enable the easy and quick initial setup.

The firmware of the device can be upgraded via Wi-Fi network. The device has four universal terminals and a pair of Sylk terminals to connect with sensors or other accessories. It also has a built-in temperature sensor, humidity sensor, and proximity sensor.

Product Features

  • Fully communicating design via Wi-Fi, BACnet, Bluetooth, and Sylk.
  • Commercial-grade design for durability, temperature response, and code compliance.
  • Remote sensor and building system integration.
  • Multi-screen, intuitive design for simple configuration using the device or mobile app.
  • Quick multiple thermostat set-up using saved configurations in the mobile app.
  • Multiple-level user types for improved security and fewer callbacks.
  • Contractor, Advanced, Basic, and Visitor users
  • 5H/3C Heat Pump, 3H/3C Conventional
  • AHU, RTU and heat pump systems.
  • 4″ color touchscreen 480×480 (capacitive) with intuitive navigation.
  • Controls humidification, dehumidification, modulating heat and is economizer code compliant.
  • Ideal for retail, clinics, restaurants, hotels, schools, warehouses and other commercial businesses.


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