Basys SZ1009 7 Day Conventional Programmable Thermostat


Stand-alone or network operation
Seven-day time clock with four occupied periods per day
Discharge air sensor input with high and low limits
Outdoor air sensor input with heating and cooling lockouts
Adjustable delay on start-up and power-up for soft starts
P+I control option
Smart recovery
No battery backup is required
Minimum on/off times for HVAC equipment protection
32-character LCD display
Six status LEDs
Remote room sensing capability
User setpoint adjustment limits
Local and remote override capability
System and fan switching with access lockouts
Fan interlock safety option
Filter service input and indication
Equipment monitoring inputs and indication
External time clock input
Energy management input for setpoint shift
Access to programming or schedule may be locked out or limited with the use of an access code
Fahrenheit or Celsius temperature display


The TCS Basys SZ1009 7-Day Conventional Programmable Thermostat Control of fan and 1 stage heat and 1 stage cool


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